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There are two primary parts to My France Journal. The first contains archive entries from our ‘France Journal‘ which we began several years ago. Many of our friends wanted to hear about our day-to-day experiences while we were on vacation, so at the suggestion of our fellow Paris lovers, Tom & Mollie, we started a ‘France Journal’ which would chronicle our trip day by day. It began as a small list of a few dozen and quickly grew to several hundred. Each day we would compose a Journal entry that created what we did and saw. Photos attached to each entry would add to the experience and allow our readers to have as close an experience of being there as possible. While not complete, I have begun to add these ‘France Journal’ entries to the archive blogs starting with our latest trip in August 2014 and moving back in time. To give you the sense of the trip as it progressed, I have reversed the order of the posts to reflect the order in which they were posted. Most blogs read with the most recent post being the first in order, but that would give you the experience of the trip in reverse. To rectify this, I have placed them in reverse order so as you read them they are in the same order as they went out during our trip. Each entry is exactly as it was when it went out with no editing or corrections (spelling and other errors included) so you can experience them as our readers did when they first went out. I hope you enjoy them and welcome your comments.

The second part of My France Journal focuses on our move to Paris and our experiences as residents and the adventures that go with transitioning from being a tourist to actually living here. As time allows, I will be adding more pages that will provide resource information for people who are planning a trip to our favorite city in the world or looking to do what we did and move here. Our hope is to provide you with as much information in as simple a format as possible so you can avoid reinventing the wheel and just enjoy your Paris adventure. If you have questions or need something not yet covered, please feel free to contact me through e-mail link on the menu to the left of this page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. meg
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    Bonjour! Felicitations! We are so thrilled for you. It is a dream of mine to live in Paris as well and I am green with envy! We wish you the most wonderful start to what is sure to be a very exciting chapter in your lives. Kiss kiss.

    Meg and Courtland

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