1. Tom Medsger
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    Bon jour, Pericles and Mitch,

    Love your posts! I was in the Marais district this past June, coming up a year, when I visited my Jewish friend Jill. She moved there from St. Louis, Missouri twenty years ago, must be, and is a writer for professional journals. While in the Marais I went to a terrific photo exhibit in one of the museums there. The historical museum is also good.

    I like that section of Paris very much. We had dinner in a very good restaurant, not a deli, although that would have been fun too. When I’m in New York, I try to visit the Carnegie Deli.

    Cheers to you both! -Tom

  2. Jan Munroe
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    Great fun seeing you today (after… 25 years? Maybe more?) Have a wonderful time with your new adventure in your new life! Here’s to new adventures for all of us!

  3. Martha Frost
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    We had a lovely young French family as tenants in New Orleans for a few years, and they have since been back to visit. I loved what they had to say about how eating in N.O. had changed their palates. Elfi, the wife, said that upon their return to France, she/they missed the spicy seasonings that they had grown to enjoy in N.O., and found the French food too bland.

  4. Todd Stauder
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    I am kind of surprised that Parisians allow hot dogs to be served within the city limits. It seems like just the kind of thing they might consider a lowly American nuisance 🙂

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