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There are dozens of travel books that can provide you with as much information on visiting France as your heart may desire. I would never assume that what I have to say is better (or worse) than any of the experts who write those books. They are awesome and I always recommend that you find one that works for you and use it until it falls apart or goes out of date.

Given that, I am really interested in sharing with you what has worked for us in our past trips and now that we are living here. So with that said, I hope you will find the following pages useful. If you find something new that you want me to include, please send me an e-mail, I would love to hear from you.



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    hi pericles, do you know if they have any literature tours – like tours that trace the ground of famous novels that took place in paris or the hangouts/homes of famous writers? for example, i was once in dublin, ireland and took a tour with james joyce’s nephew that traced the walk of bloom in ulysses. it was wonderful, peppered with many colorful family antecdotes about our guide’s uncle.” is there anything along those lines in Paris?

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