It All Began in 2004

Our First Trip
Our First Trip Mitchell Edwards (l) Pericles Rellas (r)

As soon as we made our reservations we just knew that this trip would be special. We didn’t know why, but we knew life would be different–and it was. From the moment we stepped off the plane we had a profound sense of being ‘home’. It was five days of pure joy and adventure in what we call the most beautiful city in the world. Now, 10 years and almost 14 visits later, we have finally made Paris our home.

It is a dream come true and we are grateful to be able to live in a city and country so rich in history and filled with a proud people who have a passion for living life to its fullest.

If you have ever wanted to visit Paris, or have and look forward to it again, I hope you will enjoy my blog posts as I share our experiences over the years and our new adventures of living in the City of Love and Lights.


  1. Roxanne Rogers
    // Reply

    My dears,
    So wonderful to see you home finally.
    I am so thrilled that you had the guts and focus to get yourself moved to Paris.
    So sorry to see the sad news Of Charlie Hebdo. But I am sure that you are part of all the solidarity around the country.
    Great blog.
    I have several old friends who grew up in Paris who float in and out of there periodically.
    But this is a wonderful journey on which to accompany you.
    Bonne Annee!

  2. // Reply

    question how do I access your journals prior to 2014. I have read all of them now. Loved every one.

    1. pericles_mitch
      // Reply

      Hi Natalie – Earlier France Journals have not yet been uploaded. Soon…

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