1. Mollie & Tom Broussard
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    Dear M&P,
    We are sailing back to Miami from 3 weeks in the Caribbean. We would rather have been in Paris as usual. We enjoyed your latest post today. From the photos we must wonder if the new Levi’s were a result of all of the desserts in the other photos.
    The new table looks very nice. Great wood. Also liked the print of St. Germaine en Laye. The clothes hooks look nice but you will need a lot more to take the place of the missing closets. Any luck in finding more armoires?
    Please remind your local gendarme that we want all of the terrorists locked up by early May.
    NIce of you to agree to take a coffee with cousin Martha. In addition to having spent a year at the Sorbonne a few years ago, she has a PHD in French and may be able to help you perfect your accents in what will no doubt be your fluent French by June.
    Bon Nuit,
    Mollie & Tom

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    I still don’t know why you moved to Paris. Well, having been there, I KNOW why, but was there a particular reason? Did you move there for the adventure? I hope you did.
    Maggie and Jennifer

  3. Betty Carmona
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    Hi Pericles & Mitch,
    I am Charlie Carmona’s wife and I have been reading your emails, blogs, and everything else (conversations Charlie had with you two), and following your journey to Paris has been a vicarious experience that will soon be a reality for me and my best friend. Charlie did tell you that my friend Sheree and I are planning a trip to Paris in September. She will be turning 60, and I 65, and she has never been to Paris and asked if I would go with her! I have only been there once with Charlie in 2001 for a few days as we were on our way to lead a gem trip to Idar Oberstein in Germany. The memories of those few days in Paris are indelible; I look forward to returning. We are just now planning our trip, the dates, tour vs being on our own, where to stay, etc., and as we get closer to the date I will let you know. It would be lovely if we could meet one evening, take you guys to dinner (you will have to recommend a place!!), or whatever works for everyone. And perhaps with your expertise you could let me know your thoughts about whether a tour or being on our own is better. And Charlie had said we should probably stay in either the first or 2nd arondisment. Or does it really matter?? I only wish we both spoke Francais but I do know that Parisians, especially the younger people do speak English.

    Once we have our dates set I will get back to you. Please let us know what we can bring you from the States. Your place looks beautiful and the “room with a view” is stunning! Charlie and I are so happy for you two, for making your dreams become a reality.

    All the best,
    A vientot!

    1. pericles_mitch
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      Hi Betty,

      Great to hear from you and so glad you have enjoyed the blog. I will e-mail you privately to talk more about your upcoming trip. Best to you and Charles.

  4. Dawn Cushman
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    Dear Mitch and Pericles:
    Love the pictures. I have lost 15 lbs. getting back to Weight Watchers and can just imagine what life would be for me in Paris. Nothing but baguettes, escargot and pastry. Yum. In the meantime, I will continue to eat my boring salads and live vicariously through your posts. Thank you so much.

  5. pericles_mitch
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    You are very welcome. Thank you for sharing it with your friend as well.

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