1. Barbara Barschak
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    Thank you for reminding us that the beautiful things we take for granted are not there by accident. Not only did you remind me of the reason for the tower but the fact that it takes love and care to maintain this icon.
    I love the picture of the tower all “dressed up”.

  2. Tom & Mollie Broussard
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    Don’t forget that you can visit the tomb of Gustav Eiffel at the cemetery in Levallois-Perret, the suburb on the western border of Paris just across the Peripherique roadway. Eiffel’s factory was located in this town where may of the pieces of the Tour were produced before being assembled on the plot of land in Paris where he had a temporary lease for the Exhibition. While there you can enjoy a wonderful and inexpensive meal at the restaurant l’Heteroclite at 9 place Jean-Zay. You can also visit the statue that commemorates the black taxis of Paris that were manufactured in Levallois and were used to ferry troops from Paris to the front in WWI due to a lack of military troop trucks.

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